Case Studies

Some of the projects implemented

Operator interface upgrade

The Problem : An Australian automotive parts manufacturing plant had a bottleneck with a labelling process because an operator had to enter in data then label the part. Our Solution: We installed an additional computer to allow the operator to enter less data in, and the data could be entered while the machine was running reducing cycle time from 50 seconds to 30 seconds.

Machine monitoring

The Problem: An Australian manufacturer in the building industry was struggling with reliability of a production line. Our Solution: We installed an additional operator interface which cummunicated to the machine PLC to track start and stop times for the line and track the actually fault and what it cost in time. With better data the manufacturer is now able to target the most important areas to invest in appropriate upgrades.

Automated Exam Marking

A Membership organisation in the allied health field runs regular multiple choice exams to allow members to upgrade their skills. The manual marking process they were using was costing lots of time in labour and was not consistent. We changed their answer form to a bubble sheet and wrote an application to scan and automatically mark the papers, saving many hours labour with a more accurate result.


A Membership organisation in the allied health field runs an annual conference where presentations are assessed for prizes. The manual assessment process was labour intensive and took many hours to collate. Our Solution: We provided an Android pad with a custom application to allow assessors to enter their marks at the push of a button. The app then allowed easy integration to an excel spreadsheet which significantly reduced the labour involved for conference organisers.

Excel scripts

A client was installing a robot that had to process hundreds of different parts, each one had a specific movement requirement, and the process was going to take weeks to program. Our Solution: We were able to get cad data for the parts and export to excel. We wrote a script that took in the data, calculated all the robot movements, then generated the robot move commands. After a few hours of writing and testing, and some complicated formulas one click later of a macro button, 2000 lines of robot code were generated.

Quality Improvement

A manufacturing customer had a problem with a post processing of a part. The manufacturing process had a degree of variation, while it was within tolerance, the robot that was post processing was damaging parts as a result of the variation. Our Solution: We added an operator interface which communicated offset data to the robot. If an operator noticed a problem on the parts, they were able to quickly fix the problem while the machine was running without stopping the line and getting maintenance engineers to deal with the robot.

Our Story

Our Story

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